T&T Consulting – 100% private company and sells the entire range of Panasonic equipments (TV, audio / video and telecommunications).
Company history itself begins 20 years ago when International Electronics, Panasonic Romania from today, began to sign contracts with distributors in the country and Bucharest.

In 2001 some of the old employees, representatives of management in marketing departments, set up a company to promote more intense the exclusive Panasonic products on the Romanian market.

In short, the steps were as follows:
Young graduates from Gheorghe Asachi the University of Iasi – Faculty of Civil Engineering in 1991, Iuliana & Marian Todiroaie, works in the field until 1993. After this period, under the concept shop @ Panasonic coordinate the opening a number of 7 stores  of exclusive Panasonic (Bucharest: Unirea Mosilor Crangasi, Ploiesti, Brasov, Constanta, Galati).

In 2001 they made their own consulting company in the same field, T & T Consulting.
Since 2006 decide the development of collaboration with Panasonic and company becomes authorized dealer. Therefore, with rich experience, begin opening exclusive stores in Bucharest Panasonic – Unirea Shopping Center, Bacau – Real Galleries, Galleries Carefour Focsani.

Under this form, the company T & T Consulting grow and becomes in a relatively short time a major player in the market of Panasonic products at country level.

To determine how T & T Consulting has developed over the years, summarized in the evolution of turnover achieved:
Year Turnover, Ron
2008 14.442.755
2009 12.730.122
2010 10.087.342
2011 10.361.714
2012 9.867.667

In the Top Companies in Bucharest, organized by the Trade Register in Romania, the small category of the commercial activity, T & T Consulting firm occupied for years one of the top positions.

This was possible because we were always oriented to customer satisfaction, offering services complete and quality. All the time we provided pre and post sales technical support, this is another advantage by which we succeeded to fidelize customers. We have always reply promptly to all requests by finding permanent solutions for them.

From Panasonic slogan “Ideas for Life”, our goal is to inspire and delight our customers by providing new solutions. We are always oriented to promote products in an active and flexible way:

– we participated in fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad
– we did advertising by media
– we published brochures and catalogs to present the company and its products
– we tried to present in a more attractive way the products in stores

The company, in his attempt to develop, is based on its principal strong points:
• the advanced technology of the Panasonic products and their exceptional quality
• qualified staff management activity,
• long experience in the field

T & T Consulting is committed to face the following constraints: decreased purchasing power of the customers, changing customers demands and habits of beneficiaries.