Ensuring customer satisfaction
T & T Consulting 2001 Ltd aims to ensure customer satisfaction and intended loyalty by providing high quality products and services. Based on the slogan “Ideas for Life” – our aim is to inspire and delight our customers by providing innovative solutions for life at home or at work.

Training and motivating employees
T & T Consulting 2001 SRL continuously invests in training its employees. Starting from the premise that business success depends to a large extent on its employees has continuously aims to improve training and level of motivation.

Continuous improvement of company image
We rely on Producers reputation and quality of services and products offered to strengthen our image of efficient and active player in the retail market, electrical and voice-data networks.

Certifications held:

Certificate of Accreditation in 2007 on the ISO 9001 Quality Management:

Telecommunications services;
Structured voice and data networks
Electronics trade.
Certificate of Accreditation for Passive 3M in 2005
Certificate of Accreditation for Panasonic products in 2006
Allied Telesyn, Ritall, Schneider Electric, Genesys, Teldor Certifications.