Desire for permanent development led to increase the range of products offered and so in addition to exclusive shop in Unirea, T&T Consulting 2001 Ltd manages two online stores ( and

Also, the desire to implement complex solutions led to increased team reaching a total of 35 employees, organized into several departments: retail sales, corporate sales, logistics, marketing, service, customer service, administrative service.



Retail sales department has 5 employees in charge of taking, processing and completing orders for products for end users. Members of this department provide technical and financial consultancy in choosing the best products.
This team consists of 5 members:
• Ionela Rosu – Sales Manager
• Ionut Mogaldea
• Florin Stancu
• Cornelia Magaldea
• Eliza Stancu

Corporate sales department managed to bring the major partners:
Vodafone Romania, IBM Romania, Microchip Technology, JTI International, UTI, AGRANA Romania, Schneider Electric, Tymbark Romania, the Bucharest Tribunal, the Court of Appeal Bucharest, University of Bucharest, Academy of Economic Sciences.
Seriousness team convinced some of them to signed with T & T Consulting Partnership for employees / customers so that they buy products (TV, audio / video and telecommunications) at preferential prices.

The team of this department:
• Iuliana Todiroaie
• Mariana Oprea
• Maricica Catunianu

Logistics Department, provide the entire supply chain, inventory management, delivery, so that 80% of orders reach the customer within 24 hours. The deposit is located at the Calea 13 September 59 -61 and 4 people working in this department:
• Ana Toea
• Laurentiu Stancu
• Aurel Stancu
• Vladimir Bitenco

Marketing Department, with the experience acquired and permanently improved, contributing to increase sales by establishing strategies to promote products and services offered by T & T Consulting.

The team of this department:
• Dan Duval
• Marian Ilie
• Marin Todiroaie

Installation Department
An important part of the work of the T & T Consulting is the installation of the Panasonic PBX, installation and maintenance of air conditioning and execution of voice and data networks. cat 5, cat 6 and Cat 7.

Echipa de instalari
Following the development of moral aging systems or networks due to the arrangement of new buildings appear the need to make computer networks under new cabling standards. Therefore T & T Consulting offers complete cabling solutions including passive equipment.

Service department
The key to always have satisfied customers is that they enjoy the purchased equipment for a long time. Panasonic products are stored in the best condition, always maintained and repaired in accordance with manufacturers and lead to customer satisfaction.

The team of this department:

• Valeriu Berar
• Gabriel Taban
• Greta Taban

Maintenance department
Through a service contract ensure all preventive maintenance operations and all free repairs necessary for proper functioning of the equipment.

Permanent training of our specialists, experience, the newest technology and facilities, allow us to intervene at any time, in any location, with maximum efficiency.

The team of this department:

• Adrian Todiroaie
• Ionut Ungureanu